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Dalail Al Khayrat Mughlay Script B/W Hardback - The Chain of Gold Edition
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Brand Visions of Reality
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  • Hardback cover and pocket sized
  • Mughlay Nashki  script (popular in the sub-continent)
  • The Chain of Gold edition of the Dalail Al Khayrat (which has the shortest chain of transmission between the complier Imam Jazuli and today)
  • Printed and bound in Turkey

Dalail Al Khayrat Mughlay Script, Black & White Colour - The Chain of Gold Edition  - Hardcover

Author : Imam Muhammad Ibn Sulayman al-Jazuli
Tahqiq: Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller
Publisher: Vision of Reality
Year: 2005
Language: Arabic
Pages: 184
Weight: 300g

Dala’il al-Khayrat is unquestionably the most celebrated manual of Blessings (salat) on the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) in history. From the time of its authorship in fifteenth-century Fez by the Moroccan Shadhili sheikh Muhammad al-Jazuli (d. 870/1465), it swept throughout the whole of the Islamic World from North Africa to Indonesia. Countless millions of copies have been in circulation over the centuries with scarcely a well-to-do home in the Muslim heartlands being without one. Princes exchanged magnificent copies of it, commoners treasured it, pilgrims wore it at their side on the way to hajj, and baraka descended wherever it was recited, in accordance with the Divine command in Surah Ahzab [33;56]:

The book is divided into chapters to be read daily and it continues to be recited throughout the world.

The Chain of Gold edition of the Dalail Al Khayrat has the shortest authorising chain from Imam Jazuli. Each edition comes with the ijaza’  or authorisation to read.


"We began in June 2003 with a survey of ninety-five manuscripts of the Dala’il from several countries. Their minor textual variants led us back to the work’s excellent and detailed commentary Matali‘ al-masarrat by Imam Muhammad Mahdi al-Fasi (d. 1109/1698), not the least because of his exhaustive comparisons of major early copies, particularly the Sahliyya recension, read with Jazuli seven years before his death by his disciple Muhammad al-Sughayyir al-Sahli and widely acknowledged as the most authoritative. Perhaps no author can resist a few changes in his work when read aloud to him, and differences between the earliest sources are probably due to this. The Sahliyya however enjoys the greatest celebrity of those copies actually checked with the author, and our edition follows it almost without exception.


After many steps to prepare the materials, we printed the work at National Press in Jordan. They were recommended by their proven excellence in color work in previous art calendars and other projects, and by being able to produce a sufficiently opulent imitation of the gold used in the original ornamentation. Our typesetter and computer graphics artist Sohail Nakhooda assured us that he could get the best cooperation out of the staff there in the final steps of combining the many electronic elements of each page.


We bound a few hundred copies in Jordan, but then met with Fu’ad al-Ba‘ayno in Beirut, the largest bookbinder in the Middle East, to see his samples and agree upon the materials to be used for both the rest of the printing, and the deluxe limited edition, with its special handmade oak presentation boxes. Everything was finished by July 2005, twenty-five months after we began, and may Allah be praised." 

-Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller


Read more about its history, the text, the calligraphy, the illumination, the hadiths, the ijaza, the design, and the printing, written by Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller:

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