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Classical Foundations of Islamic Educational Thought
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Classical Foundations of Islamic Educational Thought: a compendium of parallel English-Arabic Texts - Hardcover
Editor: Bradley J. Cook, Fathi H. Malkawi
Year: 2011
Pages: 545
Language: Arabic, English
Weight: 1200g


Education has always been an important pursuit in Islam. The Prophet Muhammad enjoined his followers to “seek knowledge, even unto China.” Within the religion, educational theory and practice were founded on the work of itinerant teachers who taught the fundamental tenets of the faith in exchange for lodging and other services; Qur’anic schools where masters of the Qur’an tutored pupils; and centers of higher learning in Baghdad, Damascus, Alexandria and elsewhere, where Islamic theology and jurisprudence were developed and taught. In this volume, Bradley J. Cook, with assistance from Fathi H. Malkawi, has drawn together and introduced selections from the writings of eminent Islamic thinkers on the subject of Islamic educational efforts, presenting the original Arabic texts alongside their annotated English translations.

Foreword to the Series
Notes on Conventions
The Authors
Ibn Sahnun
The Book of Rules of Conduct for Teachers
Translated by Michael Fishbein
Ikhwan al-Safa
The Seventh Epistle of the Propaedeutical Part on the Scientific Arts and What They Aim at
Translated by Rüdiger Arnzen
A Treatise Detailing the Circumstances of Students and the Rules Governing Teachers and Students (Abridged)
Translated by Michael Fishbein
From the Second Discourse of The Refinement of Character
Translated by Constantine K. Zurayk
O Son!
Translated by David C. Reisman
Instruction of the Student: The Method of Learning
Translated by G.E. von Grunebaum and Theodora M. Abel
Ibn Jamacah
A Memorandum for Listeners and Lecturers: Rules of Conduct for the Learned and the Learning (Abridged)
Translated by Michael Fishbein
Ibn Khaladun
Selections from The Muqaddimah
Translated from the Arabic by Franz Rosenthal
Notes to the English Text

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