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Nahwa Nahwin Jadeedin (Arabic)
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 Nahwa Nahwin Jadeedin (Arabic) - Hardcover


Author: Daud Al-Lakel

Publisher: ISTAC

ISBN: 983-9379-34-8

Year: 2003

Pages: 225


Weight: 630g


In Arabic grammar, nouns and verbs are divided into two. The first is indeclinable, mabni, and signifies a word keeping the same mode of termination and ending with a quiescent letter or with a particular vowel, not by reason of any governing word, ámil. The second is parsable, muárab, and means a word changing often with diverse termination because of what occurs to it by reason of a governing word ámil. This theory of the 'governing word'changing of the vowels of parsing, harakat al-írab, namely rafá (nominative), nasb (accusative), jarr (genitive) and sukun (vowellessness), either by expression or by assumption, according to the meaning intended, customarily prevails in Arabic grammar.


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