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Al-Mufidah li Al-Wildan wa Al-Nisa' Al-Mu'minat
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Al-Mufidah li Al-Wildan wa Al-Nisa' Al-Mu'minat - Softcover

Author: Al-Imam Muhammad bin Yusuf al-Sanusi al-Hasani
Translator: Hilmi Marjunit
Publisher: Apologia
ISBN: 9789671702017
Year: 2019
Language: Arabic, Malay translation, English translation
Pages: 32
Weight: 43g
Size: Pocket (17.70 cm x 12.70 cm x 0.30 cm)

Karya Aqidah Imam al-Sanusi yang paling ringkas. Sesuai dijadikan sebagai karya pemula untuk mempelajari ilmu tauhid.


Matan ini merupakan matan terakhir dalam siri karya aqidah al-Imam al-Sanusi. Ia merupakan matan al-Imam al-Sanusi yang paling ringkas dan padat, bahkan ia turut ditulis bagi anak-anak kecil dan wanita yang baru ingin mengenali aqidah Islam.



This is Imam al-Sanusi's shortest treatise from a series of work about the creed of ISlam (Tauhid). This concise work is a great primer to gain an understanding about the creed of Islam.


We chose to present the workds of al-Imam al-Sanusi because he is considered as among the mujaddid or the renewer in the field of Kalam. Scholars after him would follow his style in explaining the framework of the creed of Islam in accordance to the way of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah (Ash'ari and Maturidi). This can be seen in our Nusantara region since most of the books we study here presents the 20 attributes that was brought about by al-Imam whereas the main/sound opinion of the Asha'ari school only presents 12 or 13 attributes.


We designed this book for it to be studied with qualified teachers because although the text is ver minimal, good teachers may expand its points weel, thus equipping students with sufficient knowledge of the essentials of Islam. We left many spaces so that students may jot down their own notes right here in this very book.

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