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A World in Crisis: Is There a Cure?
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A World in Crisis: Is There a Cure? - softcover


Author: Chandra Muzaffar
ISBN: 9789839861136
Publisher: International Movement for a JUST World
Year: -
Language: English
Pages: 72
Weight: 134 g

CHAPTER 1: A World in Crisis: The Relevance of Spiritual-Moral Principles

The world is faced with multiple crises. We shall begin by offering our reflections on them and attempt to probe their underlying causes. These causes will prompt us to ask: Is religion the answer to the crises that challenge us? We shall argue that if religion is to play an effective role it will have to undergo a profound transformation. This will be followed by some discussion on the nature that of this transformation before the presentation concludes on the assuring note that there are signs of hope on the horizon.



We shall focus upon seven inter-related crises. Their significance cannot be emphasized enough. However, with the exception of the first two - the environmental crisis and the economic crisis - many people may not even acknowledge the rest as crises. Nonetheless, if a 'crisis' is defined as "a time of danger or great difficulty", there is no reason why they cannot be classified as such.


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