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The Holy Qur'an and The Sciences of Nature
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The Holy Qur'an and The Sciences of Nature
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Brand Amin Research & Cultural Centre
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The Holy Qur'an and the Sciences of Nature


Author Mehdi Golshani
Publisher Amin Research and Cultural Centre (ARCC)
ISBN 978-967-10379-1-1
Year 2011 (Revised edition)
Language Mehdi Golshani
Pages vii + 245
Format Softcover
Weight 390g




"This book has attained the objective in this field. I had formerly asked the ulama from the mosques to read the book Contemplation is An Islamic the Duty by al-Aqqad. Had I seen the book, I would have recommended both of them and regarded comprehending them as a sign of supremacy.


Our ummah is disgracefully awal from scientific studies. We are still crawling on the ground, why the others have invaded the space and put their feet on the moon, despite the fact that Allah has told us in His Book that he had subjugated for us whatever is in this heavens and in the earth. But what is happening now is that we are just a part of the third world which subjugated to what is in the skies and the earth. 


The important thing is that the dormant Islamic ummah is moving, the sleeping intellect is waking up and the ownerless message is becoming known to its owner. Perhaps the book in question will be a cause for the hoped - for wakefulness." - Al-Sheikh Muhammad al-Ghazali



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