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The Fatawa of Imam al-Ghazzali
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The Fatawa of Imam al-Ghazzali
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The Fatawa of Imam al-Ghazzali. (450-505 A.H./1058-1111 C.E.) (Critically Edited with an Introductions and Notes) - Softcover

Mustafa Mahmoud Abu-Sway (Editor)
ISBN: 983-9379-01-1
Publisher: International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC)
Year: 1996
Pages: 131 pages
Weight: 278 grams
language : Arabic with English Introduction


This book contains 190 fatawa or ruling  of Imam al-Ghazalli on various issues, including purification, prayer, contracts, business transactions, rent, endowment, inheritance, trusts, marriage and divorce, oaths and pledges, the judicial system, and many others topic. Many of these rulings are still applicable today, although several are answers to hypothetical questions and thus cannot be used to pass judgement concerning the Muslim society of al-Ghazalli’s time


These fatawa are important are important not only in shedding new light upon still relevant juridical problems and furnishing new answers to them, but also in proving that studies on al-Ghazalli’s corpus have not been exhausted. This important Islamic manuscript brings new revelation upon al-Ghazalli’s thought and his standing on many issues, especially concerning jurisprudence, and is therefore particularly useful to scholars.


This present edition is based on the original manuscripts found in the Princeton University Libraries collection and is critically edited. It contains an introduction and notes in English and Arabic by Mustafa Mahmoud Abu-Sway, Senior Research Fellow at ISTAC from 1995 to 1996.

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