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Islam Religion, History And Civilization: Islam A Concise Introduction
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Islam Religion, History And Civilization: Islam A Concise Introduction - Hard Cover

Author: S. H. Nasr & Huston Smith 
ISBN: 9695190901
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 298
Weight: 636 g
Traditional, Islam is like the mountain on whose slopes various geological processes, such as weathering
and sedimentation created by streams, take place. It is these processes that can be compared to modernism,
"fundamentalism," and the like and that are usually studied by scholars accustomed to the study of change and oblivious to thevast, permanent mountain on whose slopes these changes are taking place. To understand Islam fully in the contemporary world it is first necessary to comprehend the living nature of traditional Islam, to consider the powerful hold of the worldview of the Qur'an on the souls and minds of the vast majority of Muslims, and to grasp the truth that the vast majority still believe in the immutability of the Qur'an as the Word of God, in the reality of the perfect model of the Prophet to be emulated inone’s life, in the validity of the Shari’ah, and, for those who follow the path of inwardness, in the efficacy of the Permanent and ever renewed teachings of the Tariqah, or Sufism.
We can begin with an anomaly. Of all the non-Western religion, Islam stands closest to the West - closest
geographically and also closest ideologically; for religiously it stands in the Abrahamic family of religions, while
philosophically it builds on the Greeks. Yet despite this mental and spatial proximity, Islam is the most difficult religion for the West to understand. "No part of the world," an American columnist has written, "is more hopelessly and systematically and stubbornly misunderstood by us than that complex of religion,
culture and geography known as Islam".
This is ironic, but the irony is easily explained. Proximity is no guarantee of concord- tragically, more homicides occur within families than anywhere else. Islam and the West are neighbors. Common borders have given rise to border disputes, which, beginning with raids and counter raids, have escalated into vendetta, blood feuds, and all-out war. There is a happier side; in times and places Christians, Muslims, and Jews have lived
together harmoniously- one thinks of Moorish Spain. But for a good part of the last fourteen hundred years, Islam and Europe had been at war, and people seldom have a fair picture of their enemies. Islam is going to be an interesting religion for this book to negotiate. 
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